January 26, 2007

Honest Prayer

Prayer is such a challenge for me. It’s hard to explain why. I found this prayer today and although I tend to skim through things like this, I really liked the honor and honesty. This is from “markster” on the ChristianityToday.com message boards:

My Father and your Son, as I go out into the world today; I take the command to stop and think about my actions and thoughts. I just want to live a peaceful life, and be surrounded by peaceful people. I will control my lust today, I will not curse today, I forgive my self, as you have done; for not honoring my parents and my family name, today I will live with honor. I know I can do these things, because you died on the cross for me, and I believe in your grace, and I so anxiously beg to please you.

Thanks again and again for my forgiveness, and never ending supply of love and grace, please come with me today as I go out and make my calls, please point us in the direction of prosperity oh great God, bring me back home safely and peaceful so I can be the man I have to be for my partner and small children. Its all in your hands Jesus, and I feel the empowerment to be a Good and GODLY man today……I pray in Your great name. Amen.

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January 26, 2007



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  • Mom April 18, 2007 

    Awesome prayer. Thanks for sharing it with us. Why is it soo difficult for us to have a conversation with the Lord? Just to be open and honest about our feelings, hopes and dreams… HE knows our thoughts and our actions anyway… so why do we sometimes fear verbalizing them? Sometimes the words just do not come easily and my prayers sound soo awkward.. but the COOL thing about it is… God understands “what’ we are trying to say. because HE knows our hearts! What would life be without HIM?? NOTHING!

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