July 20, 2015

Dear Super Chatty Pilot …

Dear Super Chatty Pilot,

Thanks for going on and on AND ON about how severely bumpy its going to get and wind gusts are going to top 100 mph and blah blah blah….

More difficulties and extreme challenges ahead and more blah…

Oh yeah, segue into short story about plane maneuverability and worst case scenarios….

Don’t forget to throw in some additional ramblings about the Herculean aeronautical effort forthcoming….

Ok, WAY too much info including, of course, Hell freezing over before any peanuts or pretzels are offered on this “fright” (whoops, Freudian slip, “flight”)…

Did I mention more useless ramblings, airplane jargon and skillset explanation to keep plane from a nose dive….

And finally, just when we’re all finished chomping on our eleventh Tums and we’re ready to meet Jesus, lets be sure not to forget to throw in a few more mind-numbing, ridiculously detailed bits of information that nobody needs.

Ok, Super Chatty Pilot who loves the sound of his own voice, thanks so much for the award winning, extremely thorough update but can I calmly suggest LESS talking and MORE flying of the plane.

Thanks so much.



P.S. Is this in the script for Airplane 3?


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July 20, 2015