January 19, 2007

O’ Winter Where Art Thou?

There is nothing like Northeast Ohio in January, even when Winter is 27 days late.
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January 19, 2007



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  • Kim (Stahl) Acuff February 1, 2007 

    We just experienced the worst ice storm in recent history here in Springfield, MO (maybe some of you have heard) Most people were without power for several days — some for over two weeks! We lost our electricity for about 30 hours and we considered ourselves lucky! It’s funny how you take simple things for granted: heat, water, flushing toilets! My husband was offered a job in Ft. Lauderdale a few years ago. Florida’s looking pretty good right now!

  • Chris Eb February 13, 2007 

    Anybody know any good sled riding spots in the Stow area? Looks like this Saturday will be prime sled riding time! It’s supposed to warm up a bit by then and there should be plenty of snow on the ground.

  • Doug February 13, 2007 

    The hill we go to is on South River Road in Munroe Falls back in the state park. Have you been there?

  • Chris Eb February 14, 2007 

    No, I haven’t been there? Anything specific I should know? Is there a place to make a fire if I bring some wood?

  • Ausbury February 14, 2007 

    Just follow the road all the way to the back of the park and you’ll see it. It’s lighted too for night time fun.

    Not sure on the fire part.

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