February 11, 2010

The Nicest Thing (An Eddie’s Father Moment)

The nicest thing my youngest son has ever said to me? This is straight out of a Courtship Of Eddie’s Father espisode. He asked me today: “Dad, is parenting hard?” It was a Yes or No question right? He didn’t ask me how I felt about parenting. So, I answered honestly: “Yes” His reply (and […]

December 10, 2009

Baby Jesus 2009

Last year was our first year to blog about the annual “Where’s Baby Jesus?” Christmas ritual which happened this week at the Ausbury house. Collin has outdone himself this year as Baby Jesus gets to ride on Joseph’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

April 30, 2009

Budding Video Editor


January 15, 2009

Tainted Levis

I doubt this sold a lot of Levi’s. However, it is definitely one of the most clever commercials ever done: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVY04NQUpxk]

January 8, 2009

The Pool Is Cool

Then suddenly I shatter the level mirror of the lake

January 7, 2009

Music In Rotation, January 2009

I’m still adding 3-5 new CDs a week to the collection. My family thinks something is wrong when the mail doesn’t include at least one CD-shaped package. “Dad, no CDs today. Is everything ok?” I just finished listening to my friend, Dr. Tony Shore’s countdown of the Top 12 songs of the year. One of […]

December 26, 2008

Baby Jesus 2008

One of our quirky family traditions at Christmas was started by Collin, who does his own version of “Where’s Waldo”. Collin’s version involves moving baby Jesus somewhere within the nativity scene. This year, I’d like to report that baby Jesus was found riding on the donkey.

December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas

Make a Smilebox scrapbook

November 25, 2008

Albie The Racist Dragon


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