March 12, 2008

Day Two: Still No Offers…

kemppel-house.gifWe’re still getting used to seeing this in our yard. Indeed, the Ausbury homestead is officially up for sale to the highest bidder.

Yes, we accept Paypal.

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March 12, 2008



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  • Chris Eb March 12, 2008 

    I didn’t realize you were moving. I hope you’re not moving far!
    I can understand though with Wayne so close and all…

  • Grammy & Grandpa March 13, 2008 

    That For Sale sign puts a lump in my throat… Mom

  • Ausbury March 13, 2008 

    Nice one Chris! Wayne, care to respond? (This is going to be good.)

  • Wayne March 13, 2008 

    I know I don’t like that sign…..

    My bad Doug, I didn’t know we weren’t telling Chris and his third nipple about the move.

    Thanks again for pushing us out of the snow Sunday!

  • Ausbury March 13, 2008 

    Outed for a third nipple on my blog. Cool!!!!!

  • KC March 24, 2008 

    so where are you headed?!!

  • dorsey March 27, 2008 

    If the Ohio market is anything like Jersey, I must congratulate you on a set of brass ones, my brutha.

  • Kim (Stahl) Acuff March 31, 2008 

    So, Doug where ARE you headed?? Back to AG land? You know, things have changed here quite a bit!

  • Ausbury April 1, 2008 

    So far, we’re not headed anywhere. We have our eye on a house here in NE Ohio should our house sell. One thing about selling real estate, you definitely have to be able to manage expectations.

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