January 14, 2012

How To Schedule A Yammer Message For Later Delivery

Here goes my most geeked out blog post ever.

This is for Yammer users who want to schedule a Yammer message for posting to their Yammer network at a later time.

We use this at my company, Intrapromote, for staff announcements on new blog posts set to publish the following day.

So, you want to schedule a Yam to hit your Yammer network feed at a certain time? Yammer doesn’t have this feature, but here’s how to make it happen.

What you’re going to do is create an email and schedule it to send to your Yammer network at the time you want it to hit your Yammer network feed. IMPORTANT: You will need Boomerang For Gmail or some other email scheduling program. My instructions below are based on using Boomerang.

1. In your Yammer Account Settings (Edit Account > Notifications) uncheck the box next to “Require me to confirm my email before it’s posted”

2. Compose a new email From the email address registered in your Yammer account

3. In the To field, put [your yammer network name]@yammer.com

4. In the Subject field, put the subject of your yam or leave blank

5. In the Body field, enter your Yammer message

6. Schedule your email to send at the time you want the message to hit your Yammer network. With Boomerang, Click Save Now, then click Send Later, assign your time and click Confirm.

Your Yammer message will be emailed to Yammer at the time you assigned and hit your Yammer feed about 30 seconds afterwards.

That’s some serious geeked out tweakage!

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January 14, 2012