March 7, 2008

Weekly Bits, Pieces – March 6, 2008

1. If you have an opportunity to see the play “Wicked”, you absolutely must go. It is simply fantastic (wicked good)…..

2. I used to work at a men’s health clinic called Medical Center For Men. I have many interesting stories from my days there. Earlier this week, I had a flashback about when myself and other staff got the first sign the clinic was going out of business and it was time to start working on the resume – they stopped buying toilet paper…..

3. I went to the store a few weeks ago to buy a new tie. I had a really hard time finding one that I really liked. Because of the event I was attending, I decided I would buy a tie that I thought was gay friendly. Later during the event, I realized it wasn’t gay friendly, it was just plain gay…..

4. This Just In: The award for the 80’s video with the two best singers with underbites goes to:
Peter Cetera and Amy Grant for “Next Time I Fall”…..

5. New CDs I recently added to the collection (two from Neil Peart’s recommended list):

* The Heavy Circles (featuring Edie Brickell)
* Knowledge & Innocence – Terry Scott Taylor
* Frank Sinatra – Live At The Sands
* Hanson – The Walk
* Patrick Ryan Clark – Translation
* Bill Haley – Rock Around The Clock
* Massive Attack – Blue Lines
* Judas Priest – British Steel

6. Did you see the recent SNL show with Tina Fey hosting? SNL is funny again – perhaps because the writers had 4 months to brainstorm new material?

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March 7, 2008



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  • KC March 19, 2008 

    Just had a flashback. Googled Haircut 100 and listened to Boy Meets Girl. Gotta love that -whoop- he interjects. Some times you just have to whoop.

  • Ausbury March 20, 2008 

    KC, I think you found the tagline for your blog:

    Sometimes you just have to whoop.

    Thoughts on my new tagline above? I hope that doesn’t give me away as a Rick Springfield fan.

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