February 6, 2007

Is That Who You Are?

An interesting thing happened to me last week.

I was in downtown Cleveland and after a meeting, was walking back to my car. While walking down the sidewalk, I was thinking about the meeting and not paying much attention to anything or anyone.

As I walked past a lady standing near the bus stop, she approached me and asked me for some money. It was one of those things that happens very quickly and by the time I had a chance to reply, I had already passed her. I nonchalantly said, “Sorry” and kept on walking.

Within just a few seconds, I knew that I had not done what I was supposed to do. I found myself asking, “Is that who you are?”

I made it to my car and drove back to find her still standing by the bus stop. I was able to get her attention and gave her some money.

In these types of situations, I don’t give money to everyone that asks. But on this one, I knew I was supposed to. Anyone else had a similar situation?

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February 6, 2007



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  • lifeandprosperity February 7, 2007 

    Yes. I know exactly what you mean. I was approached years ago by a stranger, a man who asked me for $20 so he could take his bus to go back home 3 hours away from where we were. Within the next half second ran all the practical and philosophical reasons why I should not give him what he was asking for. Yet I knew I had to give it to him and I did. It was like the universe had directed him to me knowing that I would help. He knew it and I knew it. I have never regretted my gift and I believe I got more out of that exchange than he did.

    God Bless you

    You listened, You did good and It will come back to you.

  • Doug February 7, 2007 

    Thanks for the nice comment. It looks like you’re on WordPress as well. How did you find my blog?

  • lifeandprosperity February 8, 2007 

    I am just new on WordPress and I added my first post shortly after yours in the Life category. I was checking out for some interesting or meaningful blogs and yours just hit me. Your compelling need to give and your willingness to listen just brought my own experience up. It is nice to hear of similar stories that can bring us all closer to one another. Will keep an eye out for more nice ones from you and others around.

    Take care Doug and thanks for sharing.


  • Cory February 11, 2007 

    I have found myself in many a situations in which I too have reacted without much consideration by quickly dismissing the occurence before even giving a chance to understand all reason for it. However, more recently I have come to asking myself the question “Why not?” When you think about it; doesn’t it start to seem rediculous that we choose to ignore such a small request for help?

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