September 11, 2008

Now Playing – September 2008

I’ve been listening to a wide variety of music lately. Here’s what’s on my Now Playing list. If anyone is interested in a sample of anything, let me know. There is some absolutely wonderful music here:

Squeeze – Babylon And On
The Afters – Never Going Back To Ok
Daniel Amos – Mr. Buechner’s Dream
Adam Again – Dig
Curt Smith – Halfway, Pleased
The Brand New Heavies – Get Used To It
Tapes ‘n Tapes – The Loon
Terry Scott Taylor – John Wayne
Muse – Origin of Symmetry
Jim Noir – Self Titled
Arlo – Stab The Unstoppable Hero
Swirl 360 – California Blur
Degarmo & Key Band – Straight On
Kerry Livgren & AD – Timeline
The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing
Jimmy Eat World – Chase This Light
The B52’s – Funplex
Journey – Revelation
Switchfoot – The Beautiful Letdown
Jackdaw4 – Bipolar Diversions
The Ark – Prayer For The Weekend
Fireflight – Unbreakable

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September 11, 2008



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