September 19, 2008

Sonseed (This Just Speaks For Itself)

Prepare for you mouth to fall open and a big “Uh……….” to fall out.


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Faith Music Truly Funny



September 19, 2008



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  • Matt September 19, 2008 

    I’m speechless . . . I’m without speech. I turned it WAY down because I was afraid that someone in the office would hear. I wouldn’t know how to explain this to anyone.

  • Ausbury September 19, 2008 

    It’s funny that you reacted that way because it is identical to how I reacted!

  • KC September 19, 2008 

    He is like a mountie,
    He always gets his man.
    And He’ll zap you any way he can.


  • Grammy & Grandpa September 20, 2008 

    Sooo funny… I was through listening L O N G before it was over…

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