April 10, 2007

The Bouncing Man Boobs Affinity

I just remembered something funny that happened to me a few weeks ago. I call it The Bouncing Man Boobs Affinity.

I was driving through a strip mall and saw a guy coming out of a store. He needed to cross in front of me to get to his car. So I slowed down and gave the obligatory nod for him to cross in front of me towards the parking lot.

He returned to me a quick “man nod” plus bonus wave, then to be polite, he started into a slow trot toward his car. Almost as soon as he started into the trot, he immediately dropped his head and slowed to a brisk walk.

I instantly had an affinity with this stranger and knew exactly why … I even smiled and laughed a bit. Most men over 40 know exactly what I’m talking about.

As soon as the trot begins, the man boobs start the juggle. As all men know, the only thing worse than having man boobs is to be seen in public with them bouncing up and down. It doesn’t take long for the juggling action to make it to the brain which sends impulses to the feet to stop (NOW!) any activity that may be causing this anti-man, breast bouncing action.

Queue the female comments below … “Now you know what we have to go through…blah blah blah.”

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April 10, 2007



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  • Ausbury April 11, 2007 

    Clearly, no females read my blog. Ha!

  • Colleen April 12, 2007 

    Oh I read and I laugh and I read some more and I keep on laughing…

  • Anne April 12, 2007 

    Ok, I am a late reader, but that is very funny. I do have to tell you that my recent major pet peeve is Simon Cowell’s man boobs. Why he wears clothes to accentuate his boobs is beyond me.

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  • Gary June 22, 2011 

    they would do if i never had my bra on – my boobs are a 42dd but i love them.

    i wish my nipples were bigger tho

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