November 30, 2007

This Just In: 3 Ships Carry More Than Just Savior & Lady

How embarrassing. It’s been 30 days since I last opined. I’d like to think that the crazy, wild blog title above was tease enough to bring you back here.

Around the Ausbury home, we’ve begun the six LONG weeks of listening to Christmas music. I’m the only one in the family that thinks this is about five weeks too long. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Scrooge or Debbie Downer and there is definitely a Christ in the Ausbury family’s Christmas. I just get a little irritated with a one-day holiday that each year seems to suffer from chronic time bloat. Seriously, why don’t we just start the herald angels harking right after fireworks in July?

Anyway, my son Grant and I were listening to Kevin Max’s Christmas CD on the way to school this morning and my mind began to wonder about my favorite Christmas songs. I have to say I’m a big fan of The Holly & The Ivy and I Saw Three Ships. The best version I’ve ever heard of Three Ships is by Jon Anderson on his 1985 release “3 Ships“.

Later this morning my mind returned to all this and while humming the chorus of Ships, a news item came on the radio.

Perhaps divine, perhaps coincidence, but I’ve been enlightened as to “what was also on those ships all three on Christmas day in the morning”. For hundreds of years we’ve been questioned time and time again about the mysterious contents of these three ships and then told it was our Savior Christ and His Lady.

However, in 2007, like Navin Johnson when fully understanding the profit deal, the world should take joy in knowing that according to the International Council On Clean Transportation, along with our Lord, these three divine ships were also likely full of sulfur dioxide. As Al Gore might say:

“Sulfur…………..dioxide. That’s right friends. The sooty pollutant associated with acid rain.”

Ok, so now picture those three ships docking on Christmas morning and on the promenade deck we have Jesus, His lady, Al Gore in a tight suit preparing to lecture us, and enough sulfur to fertilize all of Central Park.

Kind of juices up the visual for Three Ships doesn’t it?

Stay tuned for revelations about holly and/or ivy.

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November 30, 2007



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  • Ausbury November 30, 2007 

    Here’s the very spiritual Jon Anderson’s unspiritual video for Three Ships. It’s fun to see many of the original MTV personalities, but I personally thought Rick Wakeman playing Jesus sailing across the sea would have been a great idea…..Rick definitely had the hair to pull it off.

  • Grammy & Grandpa December 1, 2007 

    Doug I must say that I would have NEVER thought those 2 carols would be your FAVORITES!!! I did ENJOY the boys choir version!! 🙂 But you are NOT surprised are you??? Can’t wait for your version of “The Holly and The Ivy” 🙂 Luv, Mom

  • jefe December 3, 2007 

    My favorite Christmas CD is Relient K’s “Let It Snow… Let It Reindeer”. From Beach Boys harmony to punk-pop versions of Angels We Have Heard on high & The 12 Days of Christmas…

    they didn’t do the ship song– sorry!

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