February 22, 2007

Idol Familiarities

The first time I saw Taylor Hicks in last season’s American Idol, I said to myself, “Who does he look like?” I kept on saying that for 3 months. In fact, the season ended and I had forgotten about it, then last week while doing some random activity it hit me. He looks a lot like the lead guitarist from Blondie, Chris Stein. Here’s Hicks ….. and here’s Stein. More on Stein and Debbie Harry in an upcoming blog post.

Like a bad cold, the idol familiarities are already back for me.

Top 24 finalist Chris Richardson looks a lot like someone else that I’ve seen on television. This time, it didn’t take me months at all. Here is a picture of Chris and next to him is Bradley Cooper who starred on Alias, Jack & Bobby, and most recently Kitchen Confidential.

Scary eh?

Chris Richardson Bradley Cooper

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February 22, 2007



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  • Melissa February 22, 2007 

    Good find, he does look like Bradley Cooper – moreso than JT. 🙂

  • Trina February 22, 2007 

    Wow! I might never have thought about it.

  • Colleen February 22, 2007 

    But can Bradley Cooper dance better than our boy on Idol?

  • Ausbury February 22, 2007 

    If only Bradley Cooper were reading my blog!

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