March 8, 2007

Love Bomb, Side 2, Made My Day

lovebomb.jpgIf the new “Long Live 80’s” page doesn’t make you want to grow your mullet back, here’s a more obscure blast from the past….

If you haven’t heard Side 2 of The Tubes “Love Bomb”, you’re truly missing out on something special. It came on randomly in iTunes today and it made my day. really butchers Love Bomb which I don’t think is fair. Yeah, dumb album cover but the unique thing about Love Bomb is Todd Rundgren’s production of the 9 songs on Side 2 that all flow magically into one another.

This is a serious happy feet, toe tapping festival. And who wouldn’t get a charge out of a song called “Theme From A Wooly Place” that has Sam the Sham & The Pharaoh’s “Wooly Bully” coming out of the left speaker and The Percy Faith Orchestra’s “Theme From A Summer Place” coming out of the right…..and it sounds amazing.

Todd and Fee, I salute you.

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March 8, 2007



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  • KC March 8, 2007 

    ..and then I say hey, and then I say hey

  • Ausbury March 8, 2007 




  • Matt March 9, 2007 


    I’d love to add something, but I can’t think of anything right now.

    Maybe, if you shared an mp3 with me I’d be able to contribute.

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