March 3, 2007

Word Embryos: Human Verification Word #1

I’ve noticed more web sites have added the “human verification” process where you, as a human being and not a robot or software program, have to enter letters and/or numbers into a box to verify you are a human being.

If you’ve ever submitted a site to Google or added a comment on a blog, you know what I’m talking about.

This process is supposed to create random letters or numbers, but I’m convinced that the randomness is beginning to fade. Just this week I noticed on two occasions that the random characters, like word embryos, are beginning to evolve into the very early stages of word-dom.

What does this look like to you?


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March 3, 2007



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  • dorsey March 3, 2007 

    Like I feel most Sunday mornings.

  • Ausbury March 3, 2007 

    Senor Jefe has a few good ones here and here too.

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