March 2, 2007


While doing some research for my recent Idol Familiarities post, I stumbled onto these pictures of Debbie Harry – Then and Now.

We are getting old folks.

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March 2, 2007



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  • señor jefe March 3, 2007 

    Which one’s Debbie?? (hehe)

    Hey Aus. Do you remember me? I used to live across the hall from you in Krause Hall (circa: 1985-86, real name: jeff, aka- Dorsey’s brother…).

    Do you stay in touch with Matt? (wasn’t that the guy who played drums who was your roomate?) You two were funny…

  • Ausbury March 3, 2007 

    Yes, Matt and I have stayed in touch. In fact, for my 40th last year my wife flew me out to L.A. to see Matt and his family and took me to see The Eagles at the Staples Center. Perhaps the coolest gift ever.

    Who was your roommate on K3N?

  • Matt March 6, 2007 

    I need picures, Jeff. I can’t remember what anyone looked like back then. And, what’s with saying we were “funny . . .” – what’s the dot-dot-dot mean anyway?

    What’s your last name? How did you come to know about Doug’s blog? Were you looking for him?

    Doug, do you still have your annual? I want to know who this is.

    Wow, I’m sounding paranoid. I’m just curious, though.

  • Ausbury March 6, 2007 

    I’m pretty sure Jeff wasn’t in the “eye liner” club.

    Do you think that “funny….” has anything to do with Naked Study Time?

    Kristy mentioned Jeff’s brother Dorsey’s blog which I commented on, then Dorsey mentioned Jeff and that’s how we connected.

  • KC March 7, 2007 

    You are paranoid, Matt…face it.

  • Ausbury March 7, 2007 

    OH BURN!!!

  • KC March 8, 2007 

    oh… go make a pancake, Doug.

  • dorsey March 8, 2007 

    mmmm… pancakes.

  • Ausbury March 8, 2007 

    Now THAT, I can do….and do quite well.

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