October 12, 2010

For One Day … (The Ausbury Blog)

Updated: October 12, 2010. Third item deleted below.

I’m beginning a “For One Day” list. I would love to see your additions in the comments below.

Remember now, this is just for one day.


    I’d like to have one blue eye and one brown eye like David Bowie.
    I’d like to sing like Neil Diamond.
    I will believe that LeBron will stay in Cleveland forever.
    I’d like to break through the protective outer core of some friends and family.
    I’d like to learn how not to say bad things directed at my computers, blackberry and other life improving gadgets.
    I’d like to learn how to ask my kids to help me with things.
    I’d make sure there was not one drip of bad coffee in the world.
    I wish I hadn’t thought no one would recognize me when I volunteered to act as the patient in the Medical Center for Men’s ED commercial.
    I’d like to trick myself into thinking that I’m not part of some continuum and that this is what makes me different.
    Ok, I’d just like to be David Bowie.
    I’d make sure no one in the world looked down their nose at anyone else.
    I’d quit while I’m ahead and understand that quitting while you’re ahead is not the same as quitting.
    I’d believe that my kids no longer want to have nothing to do with me.
    I wouldn’t allow even one person to pass their stress to me.
    I would pray when I feel like I don’t really need to.

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October 12, 2010