November 11, 2010

Amazing Hole In One Golf Shot (Actual Footage)

According to this YouTube user, the following is actual video footage from a security company video training course in 1997. The character is a clumsy, nerdy professor who tries every sport from baseball to tennis to fishing — and can’t do anything right during the video until the end when he finally succeeds.

Apparently it was this guy’s acting debut and he retired from acting just days after wrapping 9 training videos and hundreds of hours of filming. This guy better hope no one has more of this video footage!

According to the YouTube description, this shot was supposed to ricochet off the bricks and out of camera view — another failed attempt for the Super Nerd professor. Instead, the ball hit the bricks, popped up and landed right in the cup!

Supposedly, this is actual video footage with no studio tricks except for the music and some styling.

Whoever this goofball is, I hope he never goes into politics. The negtive ads would be brutal!

Yes. That is me.

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November 11, 2010