January 14, 2007

Mannequin Bras

Why is it necessary for female mannequins to be so perky? Is that really necessary? Can someone please take them to the underwear department and find them all bras?

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January 14, 2007



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  • LynDel January 17, 2007 

    Yeah ~ and padded bras ~ and if they could get them to droop or sag a bit that would be a bit more realistic, too. Something I can identify with.

    The average woman doesn’t look like that ~ we aren’t skinny, bone thin, perky-boobed models. It isn’t realistic. Matt says he much prefers a nice soft, round female body. “That’s the way a woman is supposed to look,” he tells Jantzen. Yet our culture is surrounded by images of thin, emmaciated images of what the “perfect” woman should look like.

    And besides, who can really fit into those under garments anyway? The don’t even look comfortable. At this stage of my life, I opt for realistic comfort and a sense of being loved and accepted just as I am, even if I am a bit rounder than I would like. That’s what real life is ~ taking the good with the bad, and finding joy in everything.

  • Colleen January 18, 2007 

    Amen sister… I don’t think we’ve met but I like you already. And why is it that dressing room mirrors are so unflattering? Puh-lease… I didn’t look like that when I left the house. This mirror has put 20 pounds on my frail frame that surely hasn’t changed that much over the years. And what is with the sizing… I am quite convinced that they have changed the way they size clothes. Oh… that is a whole different topic.

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