January 17, 2007

Slingin’ Tivo

To my Tivo pals, I knew you’d appreciate the image above. It’s a screen shot from my laptop that features my main Christmas gift this year – a Slingbox Pro. The Slingbox is connected to both my Tivo and my network and streams to the Player which resides on my laptop.

That top screen actually has a Cavs game on and yes, that is my Tivo remote at bottom. The Tivo remote controls my actual Tivo so I have access to Live TV as well as anything recorded on my Tivo. Since the Tivo is also networked to my home PC where my MP3 library resides, all my MP3s are also accessible.

Nutshell: Whatever I can watch or listen to at home, I can do the same from my laptop anywhere there’s an Internet connection. When Kim saw this, she knew I had to have it.

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January 17, 2007



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