January 20, 2007

Music Review: Nellie McKay & The Decemberists

My friend and music-buddy, Jay and I regularly send music recommendations back and forth to one another. Here’s Jay’s latest recommendation:

I bought two discs lately – thought you may be interested:

Nellie McKay – Pretty Little Head
The Decemberists – The Crane Wife

Both are interesting. Nellie McKay is positioning herself as the anti-Norah Jones (up to and including titling her debut disk “Get Away From Me”). I don’t get into jazz too much, but there is a lot good here.

As for the Decemberists, I like their style. They have a very earthy tone – banjo, dulcimer when necessary. I’ve been through their CD twice now and they have a fully realized sound. Their songs are well thought out and complete. I am very impressed.

Have you heard of either of these? They get play on Sirius 26 (Left of Center).

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January 20, 2007



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