April 13, 2007

A Case For Baby Poop Color

Have you ever noticed that when some people try to describe a color they really dislike they pick a color and put the words “Baby Poop” in front?

“Did you see Brian’s shirt at church yesterday? Can you believe that color? It was like ….. uh ….. well ….. like a ….. baby poop green.”

“Holy cow! Did you see that car back there? That was the ugliest color I’ve ever seen. It was a … sort of like …. uh …. baby poop yellow.”

Ok, just what color is baby poop? Is it brown-ish? Yellow-green? Sort of twead? That’s just it. I don’t recall my Crayolas including a crayon marked “Baby Poop” so there really is no universally agreed-upon baby poop color.

All of this leads to some very serious questions we must ask ourselves:

Is the mysterious color of baby poop getting a fair deal? Should poor baby poop really be the whipping boy of bad color? Shouldn’t we all stop looking down our noses at baby poop?

It’s ironic that things that are actually the closest in color to actual baby poop are never bashed or rejected because they are baby poop colored. For example, no one ever says:

“There’s nothing like a hot dog at the ballpark, especially with baby poop colored mustard!”

and of course…

“Ooooooh! Honey, come look at the baby’s baby poop colored poop!”

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April 13, 2007



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