January 19, 2007


Have you been in a place of business lately and had someone call you “Boss”? That trend is really starting to annoy me.

I don’t want to be called “Boss” by anyone. The last person to call me that was a waiter at a restaurant. It felt like they wanted me to feel in charge of them, but in a slave/master way that made me uncomfortable. Are they trying to prey on my psyche to get a bigger tip?

Stop calling me “Boss”, please already.

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January 19, 2007



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  • Chris Eb January 22, 2007 

    Ah, a topic this superficial, shallow male can comment on! I don’t like the “Boss” thing either. When people call me boss, I feel like they’re saying “I completely disagree with you and you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, but since you’re my boss, I’ll do what I’m told”

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