January 18, 2007

Golden Globes

I zoomed through the Golden Globes show with my Tivo remote…watched the 3+ hour show in 25 minutes. Is it just me or did many of the stars look noticeably older? Like they suddenly were 10 years older? Maybe I should take a look in the mirror as well. Surely I’m not growing old like everyone else!

Besides Sasha Baron Cohen’s acceptance speech (where I actually choked on my Pepsi so hard it came out my nose), it seemed like a second rate show to me. The location looked like the ballroom at Holiday Inn and many of the Hollywood elite, with their glazed-over shiny faces, looked like that they had a few too many martinis. I found myself thinking, “Is everyone completely plastered?”

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January 18, 2007



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  • Colleen January 18, 2007 

    And did you have a favorite outfit? Least favorite? I am perplexed at why Beyonce came in like sucha Diva (the outfit, the hair, the pose)… she just knew she was going to be upstaged by that darned Jennifer Hudson. Speaking of hair… hello Vanessa Williams. Oh… and what was Cameron Diaz thinking with that poof thing on her shoulder.

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